You are an expert in your field.  You serve your clients all day long. You provide them with services/products that you are so passionate about. Yet, when it comes to your businesses finances, do you expect yourself to know all of the critical elements of accounting and bookkeeping?  Like you are just supposed to know all this stuff because you own a business? Ya, right!

Do you feel a bit embarrassed or ashamed that you don't have it all together in this area?  Do you feel like things are a bit out of control?  Does tax time sting way too much?  Do you fear what will happen if you get audited by the IRS? Put an end to all of your frustration and fear. Invest your time to learn how to manage this critical area of your business once and for all. Roll up your sleeves and dive in with me. I will come alongside you and show you how you can be your own CFO!  
What you will accomplish after completing this course... 
  • Learn how cloud based accounting software provides you time saving automation.  
  • Guidance for choosing the best software for your business.
  • Learn to determine how much to pay yourself and how much to set aside for taxes.
  • Watch how to use your phone to track your finances on the go.
  • Learn to think like a CFO and implement a financial road map so that you can take control of your money.
  • Follow the simple steps and be ready at tax time.
  • Free 30 minute coaching call 

What's Included?

  • Short, bite sized video tutorials that can each be finished in 5 minutes or less. (Total course time equals 2 hours)
  • Checklists, guides and info-graphics to help you get your business finances on track.
  • Learn the 5 Pillars to help get your business finances under control. 
  1. Business Basics - Legal structure, money mindset and basic bookkeeping
  2. Set-up Your System - Xero and QBO.  Which should you choose?
  3. Think Like a CFO - Learn to ready your financial reports and understand what they are telling you.  
  4. Build a Financial Success Road Map - Tell your money where to go! Learn our simple method to set aside money for both taxes and profit. 
  5. Learn what you need to do to be  ready at tax time.
  • Free 30 minute coaching call upon completion of the course.

(By the way, If you are just starting your business, this course is perfect for you! You will learn how to lay a solid foundation for your finances and build it as you grow. This course could save you from so many money pitfalls.)

Don't let another year slip by and leave you with a mess at tax time.  Take control today! 


Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here - Welcome, Introduction to the 5 pillars, and course binder

    • Welcome

    • Course Binder

    • Must Read! - Help for using the Thinkific site

  • 2

    Business Basics - (Pillar 1)

    • Notes - Business Basics

    • Legal Stucture

    • EIN - Employee Identification Number

    • Business Insurance

  • 3

    $ Mindset Basics - (Pillar 1)

    • Notes - Money Mindset

    • Money Mindset

    • Mindset Mastery

  • 4

    Bookkeeping Basics - (Pillar 1)

    • Notes - Bookkeeping

    • Bookkeeping 101

    • Tying it all Together

    • Accrual vs. Cash Basis Accounting

    • Bookkeeping Tasks

    • Choose a Cloud Based Software

    • Bookkeeping Tasks Cheatsheet

  • 5

    Set-up Your System (Demo in Xero) - (Pillar 2)

    • Dashboard Overview

    • Bank Accounts Demo

    • Bank Accounts Demo - Part 2

    • Bank Reconciliation Demo

    • Settings Demo

    • Phone App Demo

    • Xero Bookkeeping Steps

  • 6

    Think Like a CFO - (Pillar 3)

    • Notes - Think Like a CFO

    • Sample Reports

    • Think Like a CFO

    • The Income Statement/Profit & Loss Report

    • The Balance Sheet

    • Cash Flow Statement Intro.

    • The Cash Flow Statement

    • The Reaction of Transactions

    • Ready to think like a CFO?

  • 7

    Financial Success Road Map - (Pillar 4)

    • Notes - Financial Success Road Map & GPS

    • The Steps, The Tool & The Map

    • Samples - Financial Success Road Map

    • What is a Financial Success Road Map?

    • Why is it important?

    • How to Create Your Map - part 1

    • The Challenge!

    • How to Create Your Map - Part 2

    • Plan Your Profit - Your New GPS

    • GPS Demo

    • Multiple Bank Accounts

  • 8

    Be Ready for Tax Time - (Pillar 5)

    • Notes and Tax Time Checklist

    • Ready at Tax Time!

  • 9

    BONUS: Recommended apps to help you run your business

    • My Favs - Part 1

    • My Favs - Part 2

  • 10

    Wrapping things up!

    • Cerftificate of Completion

    • Coaching Call

About the Instructor

Bookkeeper, Coach and Legal Shield Associate

Carolyn Skäär (Score)

Carolyn is a coach at heart.  She loves to remove the fear/phobia that people often have around the subjects of bookkeeping and accounting. She brings "accounting language" down to a level that people can actually understand.  She is compassionate and truly cares about helping people take control of their finances.  This course comes from an accumulation of her 10 years of watching entrepreneurs struggle.  Many businesses go through a crazy cycle of borrowing and going into debt to pay their taxes, and to stay afloat. Carolyn's hope is that this course will not only be a game changer for these business owners, but also to teach new, start-up businesses how to avoid this debt trap.  The concepts of the course are easy to understand and the process is simple, but it takes a bit of grit and determination to put it all into place.  Let us come alongside you to help you along on your journey to master your money.

Are you ready to dive in and learn to be your own CFO so that you can know your numbers and become the master of your money?